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BACHECA Concorso di Poesia

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During the school year 2007/8 we celebrated the 50th anniversary of our school.
For this occasion my colleague, Ilse Humblet, Dutch teacher, suggested we focus on poetry in all its forms. With our colleagues Giovanni Paoli, the Italian teacher, and António Perreira, the Portuguese teacher, we all four created the project ”L’orangerie de la poésie”. We have put up about 20 display boards (in orange of course) all around the school buildings for the children to display their own poems or ones they have chosen.

Thanks to the success of the project, in which the whole school – primary and secondary - participated, the Senior Management approved the reorganisation this year of some activities:

·        post poems on the orange panels ‘L’Orangerie de la poésie’ dedicated to the pupils : to post poems they wrote or poems they selected, regardless of the competition themes
·        organise the poetry competition again, with individual participation, but with three different themes. For 2013/14 the 3 themes are:

1.       MUSIC
2.     MYSTERY
3.     PEACE/WAR

·        one poetry week to collect all the poetry-activities and to focus on poetry in a fixed period of time: all our colleagues who want to organise something with or about poetry are invited to do so. We would like to organise this poetry week the second week after the Carnival holidays, from the 10th of March until the 14th of March 2014.

We will send you as soon as possible the necessary information, more specifically about the rules and the practical organisation of the competition (distribution of prices at the end of the school year).

Poetic greetings to all of you

Denis Roger-Vasselin & Ilse Humblet

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