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Giornata della sicurezza in Internet - Safer Internet day

SID 2013

Dieci anni fa la Commissione Europea ha istituito la giornata della sicurezza in Internet.allo scopo di sensibilizzare la popolazione all'uso responsabile e sicuro delle nuove tecnologie.

Quest'anno il Safer Internet Day si svolgerà il 5 febbraio, in oltre novanta paesi contemporaneamente

Lo slogan scelto per quest'anno è

Connect with respect

Le classi parteciperanno al dibattito internazionale nelle ore di laboratorio sui siti

grazie per la collaborazione 

Dear Safer Internet Day School

Thank you for registering on the Safer Internet Day website. In case you have not already seen it, we would like to make you aware of the Safer Internet Day (SID) 2013 Kit for Schools. You can access it at ....

Attached to this email you will also find a pdf guide to the kit which lists its contents along with a brief description of each item.

As well as housing resources for schools, the kit also includes a link to this year’s SID campaign video based on the message ‘Connect with respect’, and information on the Safer Internet Day competition on youth achievements that we will be launching on SID itself.

New this year, we also include a round up of resources from across the Insafe network – many of which are available in multiple languages. We will be continuing to update this information as new resources are launched over the coming days and on SID itself, so please keep checking back to ..... for the latest information.

And please remember to keep checking the Safer Internet Day website both leading up to and beyond the day for the latest information on SID celebrations in your own country, and across the globe ......

We hope you find this kit useful, and wish you every success in your own Safer Internet Day celebrations.

Kind regards

The Safer Internet Day Team at Insafe

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