venerdì 14 settembre 2012

Blogtrotters across Europe

Cari ragazzi

una nuova avventura ... un BLOG dal "respiro" Europeo!

visita il sito e ... partecipa ... sei TU protagonista  come i tuoi Amici eTwinner europei!

We are creating a blog with a lot of partners (they’re from Italy, Turkey, Poland, Lithuania,  Romania, Norway, UK , Spain, France, Greece, Norway ... ). Each of them will be “administrator” of the blog.  The blog is easier to manage than websites and it is free and interactive. The blog can be used by teachers and students to collaborate on line.  The topic of the blog will be updated  according to particular themes proposed by the administrators.

Brief description:

Bogtrotters across Europe ” is an eTwinning project using blog to link people all over Europe .

Blog is easier to manage than websites and is free and interactive, allowing for the integration of texts, videos and sound. By taking part in the development of a blog, pupils discover the cultural differences and similarities between their environment and that of their partner.

The students collaborate on line according particular topics:

October-November : “presentations of school, pupils, classes, events ……” Pupils meet each other on the net and get familiar with their partners.

December- January: presentations of their country and the city/town where they live
( streets, monuments, history, environment … )

February – March: local festivities, traditions and celebrations.

April – May: Famous people in the world of local culture (art, music, literature etc )

Language of communication: English language

Topics: culture and traditions of the countries involved in the project

Tools: blogger, google Docs, e mail, photos, videos, sounds ...  and other multimedial tools !!!


·         to foster the European dimension in education;

·         to support intercultural dialogue

·         to develop a true European identity

·         to use ICT to create, communicate and share

How to participate : Each partner create and then publish the POSTS according to the topic  established for that term

They will start a new activity through articles which can be accompanied by videos, photos, drawings etc. The students  add a comment  to the main articles

Even visitors and guests can participate by commenting an article or suggesting new topics

Results: The participation of the students from all the countries involved to exchange information about the culture of their own country and share their own opinion about European dimension.

At the end of the year we will have a blog with an interesting collection of writings, videos, photos etc. made by the students as a result of the cooperation between them. 

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  1. Dear Orlanda,

    I am really happy to be within this project..Thank you so much..

    Canan Dilman

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  3. Dear Canan,
    thank you ... we are really happy to start this new adventure with you.
    I am sure our students will enjoy this experience together.